Friday, July 14, 2017

Happy Seven Months

Oh my gracious, it's been SEVEN months.  Seven months since we first heard our first born cry.  Seven months since we sat in the NICU and sang Christmas carols.  Seven months since my fear of a having a family first dissolved.  What a road it's been! Here's a trip down memory lane.  Cue the tears!!

I definitely owe you an update on the baptism from a few weeks ago.  Here's a teaser!


  1. It is such a beautiful article explaining the ride of all the five babies from the stomach to world.. So sweet. I really loves this article. Thanks for share. Stay blessed.

  2. Congratulations, having 5 babies a time is not an easy thing, I am so glad that you are enjoying raising them. Thank you for sharing such adorable post with us